Our development path started with the Black Arrow rocket which successfully launched Prospero (66kg satellite) in 1971.
A little bit of background on our fabulous little company.

Developing a low cost launch capability whilst also reducing the technical requirements for anyone wanting to put their experiment in space #MissionStatement.

SpaceLS is developing launch systems to enable rapid growth of the SmallSat sector. Our route for development focuses on using historic proven platforms in order to engineer cost effective solutions for the newspace market.
"Micro steps of incremental progress is for those with much to lose, we have everything to gain so nothing short of revolution will do”~Jamie Welton, CEO
Although the foundations are historic, the CAD modelling and materials science are cutting edge meaning increased performance and rapid high volume manufacturing. The starting point in this process is the Prometheus-1 launch vehicle which utilizes our preferred fuel/oxidiser mix of Hydrogen Peroxide (HTP) and Kerosene.
Here are some of the brilliant companies who are helping us.


SLA 3D printing partner & all round awesome people.

Essex Laser

Providers of precision metal cutting.


Providers of 3D weaved carbon fibre.
Prometheus-1 will provide launch capabilities which include 150-250kg to LEO and a reusable 1st stage. <br> <br> Re-usability is a key aspect of our commercial stratergy although manufacturing process, capital burn rate and market evolution will remain key to providing a service which is a true game changer.

Clean sheet design.

SpaceLS took lessons from legacy hardware to produce new efficient proprietary designs. Production process is a key consideration with every aspect of the work being conducted, this is in order to manage timescales and cost.