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Software: Re-write how space travel is done by hacking your skill into our aims. Watch your hard work take flight, return the 1st stage to earth whilst your input continues on to deliver a satellite (and eventually humans) to orbit of this world as well as others in our solar system.

 Hardware: Everything we are building is based on proprietary designs so you can physically get involved making rocket hardware and use your imagination to iterate and change the world. Use you skills to create new manufacturing processes from which access to space will be irreversibly changed.

Square pegs: If you do not fit with a standard 9-5 job and want to be a part of the greatest adventure on earth (and off of it of course) then you would fit perfectly with out anti-establishment ethos.

Equal opportunities: We do not care what religion, colour, shoe size, nationality, hair colour, gender, sexual orientation, disability, wealth or anything else which overs may use a yard stick from which to evaluate you. All we care about here at SpaceLS is that you can bring a skill which we need, everything else is part of what makes you, you (we will embrace your quirks).

If you have a particular requirement such as being wheelchair bound and you want to build rocket engines, thats cool. We are building rockets so having a lower bench is NOT A PROBLEM. Please get in touch and we will move mountains to get your talent here.

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